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If you're looking for a Honda lease return in Reading, MA, Route 128 Honda is here to help. While we'd prefer to keep you as one of
our customers, we understand that you may want or need to turn in your leased Honda. If that's the case, there are some simple
steps you can follow to easily turn in your Honda at the end of its lease period. Here's what to do.

Route 128 Honda Reading MA

Three to Six Months Before

When you have three to six months before your final lease payment, reach out to the Route 128 Honda Finance Department at 781-745-4083. We can give you the correct information on returning your vehicle. We're also available to answer questions you might have, so you are prepared for the return of your leased Honda vehicle. Another thing you may want to consider is a pre-termination inspection. That can make the process of a Honda lease return in Reading, MA faster and easier. It's also crucial to know if you've exceeded normal wear and tear on your Honda or if you've gone beyond the contracted mileage.

Remember that you have a damage waiver for excessive use and wear included in your Honda Leadership Lease. But you're also responsible for use and wear that goes beyond that waiver. Any turn-in fee, excessive miles, outstanding payments, or other obligations that come with the end of the term are also your responsibility. After the vehicle inspection, you'll get a vehicle inspection report. That will help you determine if you may owe an additional amount when your lease ends.

One Week Before

A week before the end of your lease, please schedule an appointment with us at Route 128 Honda. Unless you're planning to purchase your vehicle, it must be returned to a licensed Honda dealer and not to any other vehicle dealer. With an appointment, it's easy and convenient to handle your Honda lease return in Reading, MA.

At your appointment time, you'll need to have the vehicle cleaned and delivered to us. Please remember to bring all of your keys to the car, the owner's manual and maintenance records, the vehicle inspection report (if you had an inspection), the vehicle return receipt, and any receipts for completed repairs made to the vehicle.

Route 128 Honda Reading MA
Route 128 Honda Reading MA


Once you've turned your vehicle in, make sure you contact the Lease Maturity Center again, and let them know you've turned in your Honda to Route 128 Honda. If all the payments have been made, that call will begin the lease account completion process. You won't get any more monthly billing statements, and your will close out your lease contract.

If you have payments remaining or if there are end-of-term liabilities found after your Honda lease return, you'll still be responsible for all of those. Liabilities will be billed, and remaining payments mean you'll continue to receive a monthly billing statement until you've paid the balance off. When you work with us at Route 128 Honda, it's easy, fast, and convenient to return your leased Honda and ensure the process is fully completed to give you peace of mind.